We are working hard to develop a free plagiarism checker for whole document, which would be a good alternative to such paid tools as Duplichecker or Turnitin and we do hope to succeed!

Free Scans
To check your texts for plagiarism, you shouldn't pay any subscription fees. Take advantage of the checker's full functionality for free.
Checks against Internet
Scan texts against billions of online sources and get a list of links to the sources you need to give proper credit to.
User-Friendly Interface
You won’t need customer support help to understand how to use Unique-Texts. It has extremely simple user-interface and clear reports.
Plagiarism instances spotted

Who Is Our Free Online Plagiarism Checker For?

It’s a free online plagiarism checker for teachers, students, writers, bloggers, and all those dealing with text or web content creation.

How to Use the Checker Software?

To check a text, follow these quick steps:

Paste or type in your text into the text box Click the Check for Plagiarism button Get an online plagiarism report Click the New Check button to scan another text

    What Does a Plagiarism Report Show?

    After each check is complete, you will receive an online plagiarism report. It will show:

    Online sources that were duplicated Originality percentage of the text you checked

      What Are the Next Steps?

      We are going to keep on enhancing the tool by turning it into an accurate .pdf checker.

      Thus, we are planning to make plagiarism reports downloadable, enable you to download free plagiarism checker, check bigger amount of words at a time and upload different file formats for checking including .pdf, .docx, .txt, and .ppt.